Harassment at Work

Discrimination is the key to a harassment case. So, what is harassment under the law?

Harassment is unwelcome behavior in which an employee or job applicant is treated differently due to their Race, Color, Age, Religion, Sex, Pregnancy, National Origin, Disability, etc.

Harassment can take many forms, sexual harassment, offensive remarks, derogatory remarks, offensive touching, differential treatment of employees and enforcement of company policies; reduction in hours and pay, increased workload compared to other similarly situated employees; etc.

Harassment can come from many different places as well, management, human resources department, the owner of the company or a rouge manager.

The law does not protect against simple jokes. The harassment must be serious enough to create a hostile work environment. Examples of harassment can be racial slurs, offensive jokes, physical assaults or threats, intimidation, ridicule, insults or put-downs, offensive pictures or group chats or interference with work performance.

The law also protects against harassment due to:

  • Family Medical Leave Act Request
  • Unpaid Wages Request
  • Workers Compensation benefits requests;
  • Whistle-Blower or complaints about illegal activity
  • Discrimination complaints to HR or Management

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